Who am I?

I am a graduate of Boston College (philosophy,'72) and Yale Divinity School ('77). I was during the seventies and eighties a senior editor at The Seabury Press in New York and for a while in the eighties editor at the University of Washington Press in Seattle. I currently teach a communications course at the University of Washington Business School, write articles from time to time, and am currently writing a book whose title is the same as this website. Its focus, though, is more theological than I'm likely to get in this forum.

I would describe myself as a postmodern Catholic trying to figure out what that means in a Church still very much dominated by a premodern imagination of itself. Try as I might, I haven't been able to get around the problem that I believe all of the essentials of the Faith, and that I feel very much a part of an ongoing sacred narrative. Somewhere between Alpha and Omega, we're in the middle chapters of an ongoing narrative that extends at least as far back as Abraham and which is not even close to its end, which lies in the far-distant future.

And yet it is a matter of faith for me that we define our essential selves neither by our past nor by whatever might be our current tribal affiliation, but by the promise of some good that lies ahead and to which that best part of our selves aspires. That's the meaning for me of the word "eschatological." Our true identity is something hidden among the "last things." We live in the present but in the hope of that toward which we strive to become.

Jack Whelan