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  • Fear of the Future
    There is so much to which we must say NO. To what can we say that will be worthy or our YES?
  • Originality vs. Novelty
    What it means to be truly original.
  • The Coming Discontinuity
    The machines win unless...
  • The Meaning of History in 25 Theses
    The big picture succinctly summarized.
  • Reading Charles Taylor's A Secular Age
    Long, four part piece that seeks to summarize main themes of Taylor's important 2007 book.
  • Walker Percy's Postmodern Catholicism
    In the present age the survivor of theory and consumption becomes a wayfarer in the desert, like St. Anthony: which is to say, open to signs
  • Metaxis
    We are in-between beings whether we like it or not. We become substantive to the degree that we hold our opposite tendencies, especially the spirit vs. matter tension, in balance and to integrate them.
  • Shrewd as Serpents, Guileless as Doves
    Meditation on Steinbeck's 'East of Eden'
  • The Hypertropied Eye
    Modernity and its eye centeredness created the conditions for the possibility of individualism and critical reflection, but it also led to the gradual disenchantment of the world which became reified.
  • Dying Traditions
    Living traditions survive in the U.S. only so long as they can resist acculturation into the larger modern American milieu. The economic pressures working to break down such subcultures are terrific.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010